We just got our brand spankin' new phones here at Fire Breathing Penguin Media, and we're finding out some fun stuff!



I didn't have the I phone 6s line so I don't know if those phones did this or not, but when the phone rings now, the taptic engine fires in a sequence that is rhythmically similar to the ringtone. Pretty cool!

2. Change brightness of flashlight from control panel

If you slide up to access the control panel you can force touch on the flashlight icon and get three options: low, medium, and bright. Check it out!

(Edit: this feature is available in he 6s line with iOS 10 as well!) 


3. Switch cameras with one tap 

The camera is obviously one of the most interesting upgrades on this phone for a couple reasons. You saw in the demo the ability to tap the 1x and slide it around to seamlessly zoom between the regular camera, the new optical zoom the camera, and digital zoom. Many times you won't want any digital zoom because it just sucks. If you simply tap on the 1x it will alternate between the two cameras giving you beautiful optical zoom only! 

BONUS! The ability to shoot in raw with this phone just awesome! Keep in mind that you do need a third-party camera app that will handle shooting in raw to make use of this feature. I've been using ProCam  and it is very full featured! 


4. Waterproof


OK so this is a pretty well-known feature, but here's why it matters. Imagine this, you are at a kids 10th birthday party this summer, and all the kids have water guns. Before you know it you are in the middle of a water war you never planned for with your phone in your hand. Good thing it's waterproof.

Or how about this, your phone is in your pocket while you are mowing the lawn and it starts to rain. You want to quickly finish the project because he won't be able to mow for a while after it rains. Boom, you're safe because your phone is waterproof. 

Then there's the obvious, you are near a pool or body of water and accidentally fall in with your phone in your pocket. 


5. It's a pain to transfer your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you will be disappointed in this process. It feels like you have to force your old phone to totally denounce your Apple Watch like a father disowning his first born son.  The process is not straightforward or friendly and is somewhat frustrating. We were able to figure it out but it was a little scary. 

When you finally unfair your watch from your old phone the process of adding it to your new phone simply takes forever. Plan for this to take 10 to 15 minutes while you're watch restores the information from your new phone. Not a good experience, but if you have patience and can get through it, everything is ok. This is just not the type of experience we expect from Apple products. 



All in all this is a great update for the iPhone line. If you have a 6 or 6 plus and are thinking about upgrading, play around with iOS 10 first, then decide if the upgrade is worth it for you. If the camera features are very important to you (optical zoom, 4K video, raw stills, etc) then definitely upgrade, otherwise, you might be able to wait for what's expected to be a very significant upgrade next year with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.