We wanted our first post to be special and unique and warm and fuzzy while still being informative. 

Forget the warm and fuzzy - not gonna happen here.

It all started when I (Matt) was in college in 2000. We were watching "Fight Club" for the millionth time and believe it or not, we were totally sober! (Seriously, we didn't drink in college!) It came to the part in the movie where Edward Norton is trolling the recovery / support groups, and at one of the meetings the facilitator instructs the members to "close their eyes, and find their power animal."

Norton finds himself in a cold, icy, cave.

As he wanders deep into the cave, he finally comes upon a penguin. This is a very playful, pop-sugar type penguin who tells him to "slide" as he giggles and slides off down the ice.

This was his power animal.

For whatever reason, this part stood out to me this time around and I was feeling a bit ornery and cynical so I said, "a real power animal would be a FIRE BREATHING penguin!" 

Then I realized how actually awesome that was and I've just held on to it ever since! Soon after that, I came across a 3-foot tall plastic penguin at Hastings and HAD to buy! I named him Fred (because that's the most awesome name for a penguin I could ever imagine) and he stayed with me all through college.

When I graduated, I gave him to my youngest brother, Timmy, and he cared for him as he finished high school and went on to Austin college to get a degree in pre-law. A few more years at school and Fred will have a Ph.D! 

Fred the penguin is still alive and well today and he will be happy to greet you when you stop by our office!